Magic X Sword

The Dark Lord is destroying the world. You as the chosen one is the only hope of all human beings. Take the sword and start your journey to destroy the Dark Lord.

EASY TO PLAY: swipe to match 3 or more magic stones to perform an action e.g. Sword = attack, Shield = defense, etc.

POWERFUL MAGIC: you can use magic while you collect enough mana

+ Turn-based Match-3 puzzle gameplay with RPG
+ Currently 65 quests
+ Gain exp to Increase you character's level by finishing each quest
+ Upgrade your swords to get more power
+ Gain double rewards for each quest by watching rewarded ads
+ Beautiful graphics and special effects
+ Collect diamonds to get more powerful swords
+ Cloud save
+ More quests will be added in the future

  • iOS App Store

Super Ambulance

Save all people and take them back to hospital.

+ 20 Challenging levels to complete (more levels are coming soon!!!)
+ Leaderboard for each level
+ Clear and Nice Graphic
+ Easy controls
+ Share screenshot
+ Skins pack: just $0.99
+ No Ads Version: just $0.99

  • iOS App Store Google Play

Caution! Step Down

Take as many steps as you can!
But, watch before you move.

+ Leaderboard: compare score with other players
+ Endless gameplay
+ Full Version - No Ads and 12 skins
+ Clear and nice graphic

  • iOS App Store Google Play

Space Roamer

Roaming in the space and looking for diamonds.

How to play:
- Tap to change gravity

- Collect diamonds
- 9 Characters to unlock
- Leaderboard: compare score with other players
- Achievement: Earn all of them will be cool
- Endless gameplay
- Simple one hand touch gameplay
- Remove ads
- Clear and nice graphic

  • iOS App Store Google Play

Falling Panda

What you have to do in this game is landing. You need to find a way to fall. The operation of this game is easy. You only need to control the bouncing panda to go left and right to avoid all the stuffs that can let you fail. Also, you need to collect stars from the game to unlock higher levels.

Download Falling Panda and enjoy the challenge!

- Innovative bouncing ball falling style gameplay
- Easy control - just left and right
- 36 levels to beat
- Nice and cute graphics
- Challenging gameplay

  • iOS App Store Google Play

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